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The million dollar question, how can I travel so much? 


I started traveling in my early twenties, because before that I was struggling to finish university with only a few dollars in my pocket just for public transport and to buy groceries to cook some food.

As soon as I finished university I got my first engineering job in a manufacturing company in Tijuana, Mexico. The paid was low but it was enough to start saving a little bit of money. 

I am not rich, I don't have a rich uncle nor a sugar daddy who pays for travels, all that I have it is self made, some people helped me through university but I started at the bottom. 

I have never had any debt except when I bought my apartment which turned to be the best investment I have ever made. I used public transport until I was able to buy in cash my first car, I don't like to give my money to the banks which is what most people do when they start making money, get credits and buy unnecessary things. 

After my first round the world trip I was smart and fortunate in getting good jobs, I climbed up the organizational ladder quickly and worked hard for 6 more years to become financial independent. (I wrote a full article about it, check it out)

Now I don't have to go to the office to make some money, I rent my apartment and I have some safe investments, that allows me to travel wherever I want and for the time I want. 

I believe when you want something in life, work hard and focus on that particular goal, you can achieve unimaginable things. 


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