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I visited to the amazon region for four days after spending two weeks in Quito, and I was amazed how different it was, just three hours taxi ride from the city. I stayed in Tena, a small town at the dawn of the amazon region, I hiked everyday to different waterfalls, rivers, jungle, and it is full of life, there is this sense of peace, tranquility, and calmness just by being there. Nature is so powerful and the biodiversity in the Amazonia is stunning, with a dense forest and tangled vegetation, it rains a lot and when you explore you can smell the mud, feel the fresh air and humidity in your skin. I feel this connection between us and nature, Pachamama might have given us a lesson since pandemic started and should not go unnoticed. We must be more respectful, conscious and responsive about the home we live in. 🌎


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